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Having a baby should be your life’s most precious and happiest moments. Unfortunately, there are times when a birth of baby involves complications resulting in an injury.  Sometimes these complications are mishandled by a doctor, medical professional or hospital staff resulting in your child being injured or permanently disabled.  At the extreme, the outcome of a mishandled childbirth may be death.

If your child is a victim of a birth injury due to medical malpractice, negligence or mishandling of the birth, you have the legal right to sue for damages. Eugene Fahrenkrog, is an experienced lawyer specializing in birth injuries cases within the St. Louis metropolitan area.  Eugene has won settlements for his clients in excess of $50 million dollars.

Some of these types of cases involve large settlements.  Children with permanent disabilities need extra care and attention.  Plus, other children in the family may not receive adequate care because all the attention goes to the one with extra needs. A settlement will help your entire family cope with issues resulting from the birth injury.

Why do some birth injury cases result in large cases and others do not?

There are a variety of reasons why settlements vary, but the attorney handling the case plays a significant role in the dollar amount. Having an attorney that focuses on birth injury is a tremendous advantage with any case.  Each case is different and you will need to talk to attorney to see if you have a case and determine the best solution.

What is your next step to select an attorney?

Choosing an attorney is an important decision.
When selecting an attorney for your case there are many factors to consider:

Areas of practice: Does the attorney specialize in the area needed for your case?
Experience: How long has the attorney practiced. There is knowledge and skills that an attorney can only acquire through years practice.
Results: Talk to your attorney about the outcomes of cases he or she handles.
References: Does the attorney have references that are willing to share their experience. Can you talk to them or read or hear their testimonial?
Likeability: Meet the attorney in person. You have to feel comfortable with the person that will represent your case.

For birth injury of any type call Eugene Fahrenkrog, his background includes:

    Areas of Practice:  Focuses on birth injury medical malpractice.

    Experience: Over 35 years of experience representing thousands of people.

    Results: Won settlements of over 50 million dollars.

    ReferencesListen to what his clients have said about him.

    Likeability: You'll have to meet him to find out. His clients feel that he is not only an attorney but "their friend".

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