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Active Cases for Medical Negligence


The following are representative active cases in the law firm of Eugene Fahrenkrog. To find out if you have case, please contact us. We want to help you.

Please remember, every case is different and will be judged on its own merits. There are no guarantees of settlements or outcome.


NEGLIGENTLY PERFORMED CESEAREAN SECTION-This mom developed “HELLP Syndrome” which required her baby to be delivered by c-section. The obstetrician failed to remove all of the placenta which resulted in the mom developing a severe infection and the


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treatment for that resulted in her developing C diff which may prevent her from having any additional children.


FAILURE TO TIMELY DIAGNOSE AND TREAT LUNG CANCER-  This case is a wrongful death case against a hospital for the failure of its emergency room physician to inform the patient that a CT scan taken for an unrelated issue showed a mass in the lung. The patient did not become aware of the worrisome mass until 17 months later.  By that time the cancer had spread to her brain and liver. Had the lung cancer been timely treated, the patient would have had an 80% chance of living to a normal life expectancy. However, she died within 20 months of the late diagnosis.

FAILURE TO TIMELY DIAGNOSE AND TREAT A FRACTURED JAW-This patient went to a hospital emergency room for what he correctly believed to be a broken jaw. The emergency room physician had the jaw x-rayed but it was inconclusive and the radiologist recommended that a CT scan should be considered. The emergency room physician disregarded the recommendation and discharged the patient, delaying appropriate treatment for several weeks. When the fractured jaw was finally diagnosed, extensive surgery was required which caused the patient to have large medical bills and an unnecessary permanent injury.


NEGLIGENT BLADDER SURGERY- An infant was born with defective tubes carrying urine from her kidney to her bladder. Her surgeon did not even attempt to treat the problem with conservative measures. Instead, surgery was performed improperly. As a result, the child has sustained dozens of urinary tract infections and has been required to undergo treatment costing almost one million dollars.


BLINDNESS FROM TREATIBLE OPTIC NERVE COMPRESSION-This young woman developed a condition that caused increased fluid to accumulate in her brain and around her optic nerves. She went to an ophthalmologist and the condition was timely diagnosed but not appropriately treated. By the time she did get the appropriate treatment, both her optic nerves were permanently damaged and she is now functionally blind.


NEGLIGENT PRESCRIPTION OF ANTI-ANXIETY DRUG -This patient had panic attacks and went to her family doctor who prescribed Cymbalta. This drug should only be prescribed by a psychiatrist and requires close monitoring through serial blood tests. Unfortunately, the family doctor did not do this and the patient developed an excessive dosage in her blood which was untreated and resulted in the patient being admitted to a psychiatric hospital. The patient will now have to take lithium for the rest of her life.

NEGLIGENTLY PRESCRIBED AND MONITORED ANTI-COAGULATION DRUGS-This involves a 17 year old boy who had surgery to implant a graft for kidney problems. He was put on anti-coagulation drugs to prevent possible blood clots and stroke but the amounts of the drugs were excessive and not properly monitored. He began to have bleeding in his brain. There were obvious signs that were not picked up on by the doctors and nurses and he died as a result of the severe bleeding in his brain.

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